Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Dear,

Well, this morning when I went to let the chooks out (chickens) I have five hens, one rooster and four baby chickens that no longer looked like chicks but like small chickens. Still to young to know if they were male or female to my untrained eye.

I was on the phone at about 8.30AM and my chickens were in the front yard doing their chicken thing. While talking, I noticed the chickens starting to run, and I see something gray behind them. I get up to take a better look and there is a COYOTE chasing my chickens! I run to the front door and the coyote darts back into the woods. The chickens all are clucking and making a fuss about their near death experience and that's when I noticed that my four baby chickens are missing.

I walked around to see if I could find them and no such luck. I went to church hoping that maybe they were just hiding and when I got home they would be there. I'm home now and have looked and looked, no such luck. Can't find them. I have all my adult chickens and I'm getting more chickens today from the goat lady. She doesn't want hers anymore. She doesn't have a way to keep them over winter.

I hope that the coyote gets a chicken bone stuck in it's throat.


  1. That's just horrible! We are having bad problems in Nova Scotia with coyotes this year. So many of them and they aren't scared of anything or anyone. That's why we got Tundra.

  2. What bad timing. Most coyotes aren't on a killing spree at 8:30 am, but more like in the wee hours. I'd have to say you've had your share of bad luck lately. Poor babies.

    Maybe free-range isn't the best option!!!!

  3. Yikes! What was Abby doing? Shouldn't she be earning her keep? What sort of big, bad Dobie is she?

    I'm sorry you couldn't tell the sex of your chicks. I could have told you the easy way to tell (I learned with my peeps! And my Lavender was a roo, I'm sure)

  4. Wow odd for a coyote to be on the prowl so early. Maybe a fenced in area would be something to think about. I hope some of your chicks return, that is a real bummer.

  5. It's like watching the nature channel right in your own back yard. Bummer about the chickies; but the coyote's got to eat too. I second Oregon's question, where was Abby when all this was going on?

  6. Of all the dirty rotten luck!! Should have got out your gun and blasted him!!