Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh boy.

Why did I want three dead trees cut down? It just now made a lot more work for me!
My friend T.J. came by yesterday while I was at the Farmers market and cut them down and also cut them up. I plan on using them to anchor the tarp that I will put over my garden.
That will be when I pull up all the monster weeds that are in the garden. That one big pile of logs? It's not going to be really useful for anything so I will just add them to the brush pile I have going. I will need to wait for a calm day and toss some gas on that brush pile and run away as fast as I can! No, I wont use gas, but it does sound kind of fun huh?
Now I need to get all the logs and the pile of logs moved to the back yard where the garden and brush pile is at. I will, somehow, get them in the back of my truck and move them that way. (I tired to move one, they are kind of heavy) But hey, if I can get a freezer down into the basement all by myself, I surely can move some logs!
( That song, I am woman, hear me roar is now playing in my head or is it the Rocky them song?)


  1. Wow, that is a lot of wood! My eldest is about to get into a load of trouble and I could loan him out to you as slave labor :)

  2. To bad you didn't have a wood stove... I like your theme songs... LOL

  3. You don't know anybody who wants firewood? How about putting sign by road, "free firewood, you cut and haul". You might get a taker.

  4. Aunt Krissy, have you looked into Square Foot Gardening? I think it might be more beneficial to you!

    Also, just think! Those logs will make dandy firewood! I'm jealous you have them to deal with. That was my plan for this summer in Oregon- splitting firewood! Not so much now. Now I'm rather driftless and without goals...

  5. Don't use gasoline, use diesel. It burns better and doesn't explode.

  6. Maybe the guy you pay to plow your snow would do a trade out for the wood - a shame to waste good firewood!! Or save them - you never know what project might come up - how about using for raised garden bed