Friday, September 17, 2010

Seat time.

I am sucking up the gas! I set my trip thing on my truck the other day just to see how many miles I was putting on the truck. The price of gas went from 2.75gal to 2.89gal overnight. My route on
Monday and Thursday is, home/school/home/work/home. That's 106 miles in one day! On Tuesday and Wednesday my route is home/school/work/home. That's 78 miles! Friday it's just home/work/home and is only 28miles.

No wonder I'm filling up my tank every five days or so. I actually toyed with the idea of buying a small car for all this driving but that is not in the budget in anyway, shape or form. I looked on the school web site to see about ride share. Nobody has my schedule nor lives where I live so that was a bust.

Since I started school I have not gone for any road trips and I plan my food shopping around my school/work driving so that I don't put on any more miles then I have too.

By the way, school is going good. I think that I'm getting into the swing of it. I had a test and got 98 out of 100. My two male teachers? I like them but they spend a lot of the time talking about what they did back in the day. The female teacher? We have go though a chapter a week and have about five hours of homework each week. And I like that. I feel like we are doing something.


  1. I'm glad school is going well. Not so well here with the 9 year old and new math. I always thought that 2 plus 2 equaled 4. Now it's approximately 5.

    We had a van before but I was spending about 100$ a week to go to work. So we sold the van, borrowed money on the mortgage (only way) and now I have a nice second hand Jetta. And I only spend 50$ a week in gas. But it was easier to carry a goat in a van than a jetta.

  2. All that driving can be expensive, especially having a truck. Lets hope the price of gas goes down.

    Glad you are feeling better about school.

  3. waah waaaahh waaaah gas is $3.34 up here. But changes daily and from one side of town to the other. Glad your classes are going well- you're smarter than the average bear.

  4. Gas is $3.71 here... ALL the gas we encountered south of the Yukon River was cheaper than here on our Dalton Highway road trip last month.

  5. My psych professor at UAA was much like your male teachers. He sure loved to talk about himself and his 15 minutes of fame (being chased by a moose on campus- made the news several years ago). I wonder if it's a male professor thing?

  6. Somehow I missed this post. I know exactly what you mean about gas/miles a week on your vehicle. I do about 250-300 miles a week on the van alone. The hubby does about 210 a week. That's a lot of$$ to put out in gas alone - not to mention the kid wanting to use the vehicles too.. Practically need a second job for all that gas!