Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday, Monday.

Slow day for me. I did some yard work this morning and stopped after a few hours as the pesky bugs were getting really pesky. I then took a two hour nap. I think that I'm a little depressed about the goats and sleeping is a way to avoid thinking about them.

I then got up and did the rest of the yard work. I had six wheel barrows of spoiled straw/hay to add to the compost pile. A really large tarp that needed to be hosed off and then spread out to dry. I also had a indoor rug/runner that I had to wash. Somehow I dragged in chicken poop on the rug and it was stinky.

With all the rain and heat, my potted flowers were down right dead and ugly so I put them away for winter. I also cleaned up the garage and made it neat and tidy. It won't last long but it feels good to look at a neat and tidy garage.

While I was doing all this work I had the goats out, and they were "helping" me by stepping on the tarp while I'm trying to move it. Getting in front of the wheel barrow and then standing on the compost pile and knocking it around so then I had to tidy that back up.

Because you know what is going to happen in a few days I no longer have Maggie on a diet. I have been giving them their treat several times a day. Being that they were out and about today they kept trying to get into the house to get to the carrot chips. Yep, that means I have goat berries on the back porch.

That's about it. I have school tomorrow so I need to go to bed so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing in the morning.


  1. Keep your chin up. We're thinking about you here all the time. When are they going?

  2. Lisa, I will talk to the vet on Tuesday. The vet does home visits on Mon/Wed/Fri. I plan on Friday being the day. It will be strange to come home and not have the goats great me with their calls.

  3. Sad times. You will be in my prayers Krissy.

  4. Keeping busy is a good thing Kris.
    Hope you have a good day at school. xoxo

  5. It feels good to clean up a bit, we are doing that too.

    Hope your day today wasn't too long.

  6. I like your new blog pics - the chicken's colors are so beautiful. A friend was just in W. Virginia and brought me back a bar of goat milk soap so I could see the packaging and pass along to you. The maker site is