Saturday, September 25, 2010

This and that

I'm not sure what's going on with my trees, but a lot of the trees around my place are turning yellowish. I wonder if it's due to all the rain? Maybe God's over watering them? It's only happening to the pine trees that have the long soft needles (Australian Pine?) I bent some, they are not dry and brittle, very bendy. Or maybe these trees do this and this is the first year that I noticed it? (Naaaa, that can't be!)

And look here, I have a fairy ring. It's neat that they grow in a ring like this. I have a few other ones, but this is the nicest looking one.

I missed a few days of blogging. Really, believe it out not, sometimes not much is going on with me.
I work, go to school, eat, and sleep. Oh, and I have made a few batches of soap. Oh, and today was a okay day at the Farmers Market. I signed up for the winter Farmers market. That will be only one Saturday a month, and it's held at local area churches. I also signed up to be in craft fair at a town called Knapp. This is a two day craft fair. It's different. I don't have or need to be there. And if I bring cookies or some kind of treat that can be sold, then they will not take a commission. I know a person that is in this craft fair and I will ask her how she likes it. If she says it works out fine, I might go ahead and do it. It only cost 15 bucks to be in it for both days.


  1. Are you over your crankies? Good! I sat at a craft bazaar today and it was dead, sold only 2 books in 5 hours. Not a good use of my time. Maybe these pines yellow in the fall?

  2. Love the Fairy Ring, but hey, where's the hidden message? I'm dying to know..........

  3. Hope your trees are just overwatered and don't have some funky disease.

    Glad you are going to do the once a month market this winter.

  4. Hmmm that's weird about your trees. I love the fairy ring tho. I'm going full speed ahead with soap making and Dave is going to go to markets for me, since I work Saturdays.

  5. I miss the fairy rings I'd see in the vineyard. I miss walking in the vineyard and my hills. *sigh*