Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is Wilbur. He's a good kitty. He does not get on my nerves like Harvey. Yet.
I did yard work today. I moved some of the logs that my friend cut for me last week. They were heavy! I could not move the last one. It's the biggest one of the bunch.

I also mowed the lawn. I think that this will be the last time for mowing for the season. We had frost this morning. I wish I had a pumpkin so I could sing that song about a country bumpkin.


  1. Wilbur is a good his pose!

    I haven't even bought pumpkins yet!!!

  2. He looks so cozy all curled up like that.

  3. That Willow, errr I mean Wilbur is such a sweet cat. Glad you got the lawn mowed. Did you grind up any frogs/toads?

  4. Isn't be older than Harvey? The getting on your nerves thing is something Harvey is likely to outgrow as it's more of a youngster trait. When they get older, they're calmer. Or, like my George, you just have to check that they're still breathing from time to time because they sleep near constantly.