Tuesday, September 28, 2010


School, this year does not have as much homework as last year. But for some reason I am finding that it's taking me longer to do it. Not sure why, maybe because in one class we have four Micro Soft 2007 projects due each week?

In the HR class we have to read a few chapters and then answer, in detail, a bunch of questions. Like, how are woman and minority groups the same and different in management promotions. The teacher has stated that he does not want single sentences, he wants paragraphs.

In the HR class the teacher wants us to do a mind map of what stood out to us after we read this one chapter. I had no idea what a mind map was. Thank God for google! I did a mind map. that was kind of fun, but how much does he want on the mind map? He doesn't say and we have not received any feed back on any of the papers that we have turned in. We students have no idea if we are on the right or wrong track.

So far in the business class we just do a bunch of group talking about current business stuff. In class he will ask about five of us students to give examples of good and poor customer service. Only one test so far, and I got 49 out of 50 right or 98% as each question was worth two points.

Now it's bed time. I'm so happy to be going to bed!


  1. I think I'd like to be in the business class, sounds interesting.

  2. It sounds like your Business class is lots of talking - are you learning anything new? I've taken a class before where we brainstormed and used the mind map technique. It actually works very well for me - I understand or remember better when it's very visual like a mind map.

  3. Good thing you had a link on the mind map thing. Had no idea what that was.

  4. I think the business class would be interesting too. Never heard of a mind map before?