Thursday, September 30, 2010


Remember this big pile of logs?
Well, I have been busy and one day I moved these
This was a pain as they were double H heavy!
I maybe, just might have, cussed getting them moved.

Then a few days later I moved the rest of the pile
and stacked them next to the burn pile I have going.
Again, these were some heavy a$$ logs. (The $$ is so I don't offend delicate eyes)

These were light, but it was lots of back bending to pick them all up.

Now all I have to move is this one big log. I'm going to need help with this one
as I can hardly roll this bad boy. I think that maybe I might be getting older.


  1. I say you hook a rope to it and drag it with your truck? Good job on getting the pile moved! You'll enjoy the bonfire when you have it.

  2. Wow, those are some big logs. Next time you need to rope in the help of a certain handsome neighbor.

  3. mercy! You need a chainsaw or a beaver ... cut them buggers down to size before moving them

  4. Oooh! I like Rose's idea of dragging it with a rope and your truck! She is the idea lady for sure!

  5. It looks like you have actually done some work for a change. Alicia will be there soon, perhaps the two of you can roll it. I'm sure she's looking forward to it.

  6. Um, Aunt Krissy, hook it up to your truck and pull that bad boy! I mean, put that pretty truck of yours to work doing what it was intended to do. Work!

  7. yeah!! make the truck work! not your dear, sweet sister Alicia