Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have mentioned my friend T.J. a few times on the blog. He's the one that has come over to cut my trees a few times. Well today when he came home from work (He's a truck driver) his dog was missing, and the neighbors that have a veggie stand with a money box is also missing.

He called me up and I went over and I walked the road by his house just to make sure his dog Maggie had not been hot by a car. Didn't find her but now he's really worried that somebody may have taken her. She's a cute dog and really friendly.

He's going to check out the pound and all those kinds of places (Plus the vets office) and I am looking on Craig's list just in case somebody really did take her and maybe try and sell her? I just feel so bad for him. I keep putting myself in his shoes thinking what if it was my Abby was missing? I would be hysterical right about now.


  1. You know Krissy, I stopped by the veggie stand today to buy some pumpkins and I noticed the money box had been ripped out of the wall. No one was home so I went and put my $ at their house door. I feel really bad because I knew something was wrong, especially when I saw a card stuck in their door from the Sheriff's Dept. I sure hope TJ finds his dog.

  2. That is too bad his dog is missing. Hope she shows up.

  3. I'm so glad that you spotted him with his dog today, what a relief. I remember one time Ginger ran off for an afternoon and I was sure she had gotten run over on the road. I was really worried, but so glad when she came back on her own, looking very sheepish.