Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good news and yick.

Good News! My friend T.J.'s dog showed up. She had wandered off (Something that he swears that she never does) and came home on her own. That's the good news, now the yick part?

On the way home this evening I ran into a swarm of Asian beetles , I mean a mile long swarm. It sounded like I was going through a hail storm. They were getting in the vents and engine area and the inside of the truck started to smell like Asian beetles. Now, the topper. There is the smell of cow poop in the air! Farmer Brown must be doing some fertilizing near by.

Well, I have a big test tomorrow so I am going to study for it now.


  1. Good luck with your test today Krissy.
    Glad the dog showed up.

  2. Since all the farmers are harvesting the soybeans now, the beetles will be everywhere.

    I'm so glad Maggie came back were right!

  3. Nothing quite like the smell of country air. I'm glad Maggie made it home okay. It is worrisome when loved pets are gone.

  4. Glad the pup made it back home. And I agree to the beetles, yick.

    Good luck on the test. You'll do great.

  5. Got to love those WI smells. Hope your test went well.

  6. Hope you did well on your test Krissy.

    Yeah, for the dog showing up!