Friday, October 8, 2010

this and that

I am having writers block, not that I'm a "writer" . Not to sound whiny but not much is going on.

I paid the vet bill for the goats so that's all over and done with. I really like my vet. We talked about a working plan for when I get goats again to make sure that what I went though doesn't happen again. He also said not to ever get goats from the person that I got Juju and Maggie from. And being that I had Abby in the truck I asked him to take a look at her lower front legs. She has been licking and biting them for awhile now. He says that she has allergies and gave her a shot right there in the truck so I only paid for a shot, not a office visit, which was nice.

A T.M.I. moment. I shaved my legs today because I'm going to wear shorts to work today. We are having a heat wave, it's going to be 80 today! Long pants just wont do.

I was cleaning out the freezer and I found some year old bags of grated zucchinis so I drained all the water out and feed it to the chickens. They went to town on it.

Well, looks like my toe nails are dry so I can walk around again. Hey, if your going to wear shorts and sandals then you have to have pretty toes too.


  1. Wadda ya mean nothings going on? You just wrote a whole page of stuff. All of it interesting I might add.

    What does the vet say to continue doing for Abby's legs? more shots or something oral?

  2. I disagree with Kellie - you shaving and painting your toenails is decidedly NOT interesting. However, the rest was. You get to see Alicia soon!!!!

  3. Ginger has allergies this time of year. We just give her an over the counter generic allergy medicine, 25 mlg two or three times a day, works good.

  4. Oops, I wore sandals today but didn't paint my toenails. Sorry Krissy, I hope I didn't disappoint you!!!

    Warm weather = asian beetles!!!!!

  5. ohhhhh....I hope it gets cold real fast there!! I hate asian beetles and I hate being hot!!

    Yippii...I'll be there on Saturday!