Saturday, October 23, 2010

Last Day

Well, today I take my sister back to the airport so she can go home. It sure was fun having her here with me for the past week. I wont miss the wash clothes left on the tub floor! In fact this morning when I went to take my shower, I told her that I was sad, that this would be the last wash cloth that I picked up from the tub floor. Then we both started laughing! I wont miss following her around turning off lights! I have so turned into my Dad! I asked her if I was hard to live with, she said no, but I think that she rolled her eyes at me a few times.

Her flight doesn't leave till this evening so we will do some last minute running around, seeing the sights and stuff. Maybe go look at cows, cause this is Wisconsin ya know.


  1. Hey, did you run into lots of traffic at the airport? Heard that Obama and air force one flew into the MSP airport this afternoon so it was a zoo house!

    I hope Alicia had a good flight home.

  2. I'm glad she got to come see you even though I missed her a little. Your new bedroom looks nice.

  3. Glad you ladies had a good time. I get a giggle when I picture you turning into your Daddy - running around turning off lights, ect :)

  4. And dad turning off lights is expected cause thats what dads do, with you it was a bit more annoying cause you're just a sister and should tolerate it better!! But I had lots of fun with you. Get thinking about if the "guest bedroom" needs a fresh new look in about two years....