Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

Well, I did not have a lion nor a tiger at my house today, but I did have a little black bear come by!
I was talking to my friend Kellie on the phone and I saw a funny black shape walking behind a row of pine trees. I told Kellie that I think that it's a bear and it then walked out from behind the trees and sure enough, it was a little blackie!

I was running around to find the camera and by the time I got it, and opened the door (That made a loud noise) the bear had turned and was gone. Probably went into the corn fields. I wonder how long hes (shes) being hanging around? Is it licking its chops thinking about my fat hens? The chicken grain? I wonder if it wants a annoying all black cat?


  1. Wow, a black bear....what next? You sure have your fill of nature Krissy. Too bad you couldn't get a picture.

  2. Was it a full grown bear or a baby?

  3. I have one lone coyote, a stray teenage pup, a small herd of deer, and a ton of rabbits. I thought about trading, then realized my group cause less trouble than one lone itty-bitty black bear could. Enjoy!

  4. THat's kind of cool. You've seen more wildlife in WI than we usually see in AK, except for moose of course.