Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A mid week confession

Here is a cute picture of the kitties. Stop here if you don't want me to over share with you.

Okay. As most of you know, I'm single. And being single, when I'm done using the bathroom I always leave the toilet lid up. There is no reason to put it down. So, last night (This morning at 4am)
I got up and stumbled to the bathroom, did not turn on any lights and sat down. I had to pee really bad, by the time I was doing that I also realized that I was sitting on the lid, I tried to stop the "flow" and got up to lift the seat but it was to late, there was no stopping it! Lets just say that before I went back to bed I took a "mini" shower and I looked at the floor and said some choice words and pretty much decided then and there that I could clean that mess up later. Which I did. The floor mats are ready to come out of the dryer now.


  1. Oh Krissy, I'm sure you were half a sleep. If not, you have a problem my dear!

  2. Love it Kris! But how did the seat get down? Cats?

  3. Kellie - I was wondering the same thing!! is she blaming the male cats?? :-)

    and yes.. TMI. - but we love you anway!!