Sunday, October 3, 2010

Work work work.

I finally got it done! I have been putting off weeding the garden as I had a really big weed patch growing.
I pulled 12 wheel barrow full like this one to clear out the garden

Here is the garden all weeded. Took about two hours of back bending to get them all yanked out. Now, do I put a load of poop on it, cover it up so that it cooks a bit to kill the seeds and more weeds or do I just cover it up?

After church my friend T.J. came by, and with his chain saw cut that one long log into four smaller logs. That way I can move them when I put the tarp on the garden. I also had him limb some trees for me. I have some trees with low hanging branches that literally were a pain in my face as that where they hit me while I mowed. I have had to stop and de-tangle my hair from the branches a time or two. So that's more work now. I have about 10 branches to haul off and four logs to move. But these logs will be easy peasy!

You all will note that I have a new header picture? I was talking to my dad and he said that whenever he went to my blog and would see the picture of the mama hen and the four little chicks all he could think was that the poor little guys got killed by that big bad coyote. (Huh? Who knew my dad was such a softie?) Okay, that's not really what he said, more along the lines "that they are dead and take the picture down and it takes to long to upload your blog with that big picture."


  1. It almost looks like it would have been easier to just start a new garden somewhere else. I say cover it with manure and let it cook all winter. But what do I know? Nothing about gardening.

  2. I love your new header Krissy! I also love the garden pic with Abby in the background. Wow, you were motivated today. Pulling weeds is not a fun or easy job....please don't call in sick tomorrow :-)

  3. That was a lot of work Kris. Hope you aren't too sore today.

  4. ahhh... your dad is a softie and we all know it!!
    hope the pile of manure doesnt have too many weed seeds in it!!

  5. Those were some big weeds! You did a lot of work.

    Like your new header pic. Very colorful.

  6. Leave the manure in a pile over the winter and let it cook. It will, even when covered with snow because the inside will stay hot. I wouldn't put it on the garden until the earliest part of spring when you can work the ground. Then, pick a cover crop (look them up if you need to) to use as cover over the winter. You'll be turning it under as soon as the ground can be worked come spring. When you do this, then add the manure! Otherwise, the manure goes to waste or feeds a few weeds that escape you.

    Need more help or explanation? Hit me up!