Sunday, December 5, 2010

Craft Fair

I went to the mighty town of Hudson today to be in a craft fair. I made my booth price back and also made money, but it sure seemed slow. I did just a little bit better then in the winter farmers market that I'm in.

Now, I'm a big girl so I'm not picking on big girls, but please don't wear really tight sweats with a too small and too short t-shirt. It's bad. I just don't see how anybody that loved her would have allowed her to go out in public like that.

Also, the lady in the space behind me. They measure the space out on the floor for a reason. It's so you know where to put your table and chair, and you need to make sure you have room to get in and out of your space. Not use my space as your exit. I almost wished that I had a bigger or more tables just to block her. It didn't really bug me but it's all about the "what if" factor.

Also, believe it or not but sometimes when you ask people how they are doing, it's just a courtesy thing that we say. We don't really want to hear about your gluten free diet/heart problem/knee problem/ect. I am selling soap. I'm kind of held captive by that and I can't really walk away from you.

It was a long day and I'm tired so it's off to bed for Aunt Krissy. Good Night.


  1. I hear you on the excessive chatting. I had an older gentleman who was on the board of directors for the senior center so he was checking it out. He told me how he came to be on the board, where he used to serve on a board, what the board does, and all I said was "they are very fortunate to have you on the board." It was a lengthy conversation, yet very one-sided.

  2. Glad u sold over/above your booth cost. Our county 4H had their annual "Bells of Christmas" craft show this weekend in Pueblo. One booth had soaps (Yardley brand) wrapped in needle felted wool. Guess u just wet it all up and you have scrubby/soap all in one. Wool wrap shrinks back to soap size as it dries. And because you are so sweet looking and pleasant no wonder strangers confide in you!!

  3. Think of it as God placed you right there to sell soap and to be a compassionate listener to others. Learn my listen with one hear and smile back. No one has to know you could care less!!!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun day. Glad you made some sales.

  5. It was a long day.
    Thanks for driving.

  6. Keepin people clean, thats a good thing.