Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm posting a picture of my cute and sweet kitties. Normally they aren't sweet. The one with the white socks likes to bite my feet when I'm in bed. The all black one, he likes to sleep on my chest.
But my grr is about work. I love my job and it's the best job ever. I have never been really cranky at work. Well, sure sometimes you get a dweeb library patron but they don't make me want to come over the counter and bitch slap them and tell them to f off. Like I did tonight!
(But I didn't!)
I think it was when the patron said that the library was "underhanded" and "shoddy" is when I got ticked. He was ticked off cause he had requested a book, the book came in, he didn't pick it up in 10 days and it got sent back. It's a book for crying out loud! A BOOK! This is not life and death that we are talking about.
He said that he had not been advised that the book was in and ready for pick up, but then he also said that he was here to pick up a book that came in. So how did he know that it was in?
Oh well, a bad five minutes at the library is not that bad at all. I will still go to work tomorrow looking forward to all the fun that I will have and all the books that I will see, touch and maybe read the front flap as I check in and out books.


  1. I'm sorry Krissy that you had to deal with the unhappy library patron. Not every one is pleasant unfortunately.

    I hope you felt better when you got home.

    Hey, how come you never told me about Nikki Clark....her music is awesome!

  2. It's a big book conspiracy to keep THE book out of his hands you underhanded librarians, you. People are crazy. It's amazing to me how many of them make it through life without their mama holding their hands.

  3. Come on girl - all the years of dealing with passengers at airline ticket counters then with pilots this is so so so so...... ahhh nothing??
    Love the pics of your cats - offer still open to trade for some birds - "Sarge" (Congo African Grey) might come in handy at your work as he is known to blurt out "f... it"!!! teehee

  4. Aaah, the librarian life. enjoy it.

  5. Wow, what a grouch. People really do get "put out" if their item doesn't come in or they don't get notified. I can't believe he called the library shoddy.....I'll give him shoddy.

    I think the worst time at work for me was when that crazy lady started ranting at me for telling her, that her time was up on the computer.