Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cat fight

Last night, as I was getting ready to do some homework I heard the sound of a cat being possessed by the devil! I opened the back sliding door, and Wilbur comes streaking in, and Harvey (The cat who loves me) went out. I could see that there was a big fat gray cat on the edge of the porch.

Harvey launched himself on the cat (I'm sure out of love for me, that cat loves me, I tell you!) There was a lot of cat noises going on and it moved to the front of the house to under my truck. Cat fights are really loud and it was getting on me nerves. I went out and chased the stray cat away (I hope that I did not emasculate Harvey by taking charge)

Harvey stayed outside for about another 10 minutes all puffed up. When he came inside he was strutting a bit, so I do not think his male pride was damaged in anyway. I checked him over, no wounds.

He was a little fuzzy snuggle bunny last night that was getting on my nerves! But he loves me.


  1. Oh how I love to start out the day reading your blog - you make me smile!!! You gotta give Harvey credit for being "man of the house"!!

  2. I can imitate a cat fight pretty good. But can't keep it up for that long. They do sound like a couple of demons going at it - hard to believe it's just cats.

  3. Wonder where the big gray guy came from? It's wasn't pirate was it?

  4. My folks had a "doggie" door. Not fun when our old tom-cat went looking for a girl, found a fight and came running home with another cat chasing him into the house. In the middle of the night of course!

    Glad to have you back Krissy. :))

  5. Cat fights are wild for sure. Maybe Harvey felt like he was protecting the household.

  6. ahhhhh - you're slacking - I count on reading your blog 1st thing in the morning!!!

  7. My coworker had cats fighting on his porch yesterday morning too and he doesnt own any!! he thinks it was the full moon.

    glad to have you back Krissy