Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First day of school

Wow! First day of school was a female dog! (My mom does not like me to use bad words!) Not that it was hard, but it was a lot of time spent on the computer. Each of the teachers wants you to jump through the hoops to make sure to know how to use the online tools, so you end up doing a lot of the same time consuming things. But you have to submit it via the electronic blackboard system so they can see that you really know how to use the system. I was on the computer for about 10 hours. My eyes got goofy on me.

I was feeling a little panic twinge thinking that I was already falling behind and then I took stock and realized that if this was a classroom, I would have three hours a week for each class, and then I would have a five to eight hours of home work for each class, I don't nor should I try to get it all done in one day, can't do it anyway.

One of my homework assignments is that I have to watch a movie off a list of movies. I was wondering when I was going to squeeze that in! Then I have to write a little something in the group board. I feel better about it now. For awhile I was ticked cause I was thinking about all the other work I could be doing instead of sitting watching a movie!


  1. good thing you got your laptop back in the nick of time. Listen to your mother potty mouth.

  2. I am having one of those female dog days myself.. pick a good movie and get out the popcorn!

  3. So are you getting slammed w/bad weather?? Just got back from staking around 3/4 of a mile of powerline on the Pueblo West golf course - was nice but supposed to turn crummy tomorrow. You need to come back - not getting hardly anything accomplished since you left!!!!

  4. So...would you have complained if the teacher had asked you to read a book instead? Didn't think so!! ...and mom may be able to break your potty mouth code.

    Sorry I haven't called you yet. I'll try Saturday when I color my hair about 9am my time.