Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, for those that know me, I do not like being in touch with my emotions. (I think waaay to many people are waaaay to attuned to them) But I think I'm going to have to learn to fake it for my Oral Communication class.

I had to do a assignment that I had to list behaviors, and feeling, and how I communicated those feeling. I got 14 out of 20. I didn't express the communication of feeling fully! GAAAAA

(The list of behaviors were given to us, like control, identity, physical, and the list went on)


  1. Good girl - you had a post ready for me to read today!!Hate to tell ya but was in 50's yesterday & supposed to be today - would rather have much needed snow tho'!!
    Have you ready anything by Sandra Dallas?? The Vineland UMC "Bookies" is reading "Prayers for Sale" and I thot it looked really good. Got looking at her other books and running to Barnes/Noble today to see if they have "The Quilt That Walked to Golden" - sounds pretty neat.

  2. So I can help you out with your assignment. You have feelings of irritation with all sorts of little recurring noises and you react (behavior) by yelling, screaming and basically throwing a little hissy fit. One down, several more to go.

  3. Be nice Pak Art lol ... your loving sisters. shit I wish I had a sister ...