Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Boy, I sure did something that was really funny, a real knee slapper! You want to know what I did?

Well, I spent one and a half hours reading and then answering the three WRONG questions for my Marketing Principles class. When done with the reading I had to go to page 33 and answer three questions in paragraph form. Page 33 had two set of three questions (Yes I could have gone back and reread the assignment, but I didn't)

The one set of question was fun questions about going to three web sites and answering some questions, sounded like too much fun, that can't be the one to do. The other was to pick a company that we feel passionate about (profit or non profit) and discuss (in paragraph form) how they add value, how they communicate value and what could they do to add more value to their service/product.

Yep, I picked the one about value, I chose the public Library system. WRONG! I was to do the one about three web sites. HA HA HA HA. jokes on me!


  1. You crack me up. So did you go back and do the 3 correct questions??

  2. Well at least you're having fun doing your homework and you got more educated than you had planned.

  3. You are funny Kris. How is it going doing school for so many hours a day?

  4. Oh Krissy, there is no one else like you!!!! Welcome to school.

  5. Ha! Krissy your post reminds me of my being in 6th grade and teacher hands out these long sheets.

    The first thing it said was to read all the questions before answering any. Time goes by, everyone is scribbling away and when we got to the last question it said "Now that you have read all these questions, just put your pencil down and don't answer any of them"

    Ha ha the teacher sure got us all on that one!