Sunday, January 23, 2011


I took two test on Saturday for my Oral Communication class. Both test were 20 questions and then time limit was 30 minutes. Oh, and open book. Test one I got 18 right and on test two I got only 16 questions right. It's open book! How did I get any wrong?

I have to admit that it's hard when you're timed to go looking in the book, and also some of the questions are asked in that double negative way. Kind of like when you go to vote and there are propositions that need your vote to pass or not pass, and when you get done you are not sure if you vote yes it will pass or if you vote no it will pass.

I spent six hours on the computer for the Oral Comm class, I need to do something, my rear end was getting sore! And I kept going to the kitchen to get a little snack. Not a good combo.

Oh, and when I take the test? There is a timer that you see counting down the time, as I get close to the end I can feel myself getting tense and that's when a stupid cat thinks that my chest is the place to be (yes, my cat is a boob cat, sorry mom!).


  1. going up against a timer is never fun! How, pray tell, can you learn oral communications through an online class? When does the "oral" and "communication" part come in? Or is it theory of oral communication?

  2. I don't think I would like the visual counter thing....that would freak me out. Do the best you can Krissy. Online courses are a whole new thing.

  3. Tests are icky, no matter the format. That counter thing is weird.

  4. Maybe put the cats outside next test..