Friday, January 21, 2011


Why do I live in a cold spot? Huh? Why? The temp for my little town says it's -22 but at my house, -34. When I went to feed and water the chickens, my nose hair would freeze on the inhales.

And my cats are bugging me! I was low on cat food and they ate the last of it last night. And I have no more till I go to the store. They are fat, pudgy cats but they don't know that. They think that they are less then an inch away from death due to starvation. What they don't know is that if they don't shut up they will truly be near death!


  1. spoiled pets can be very annoying. I threw (pushed) Taz off the porch this morning because she's so eager to eat she won't go to the bathroom, and she MUST go potty before coming back in, I'm tired of mopping up puddles.

  2. Came to work no wanting to be here (have stomach crud) but reading your blog 1st thing has made my day!! Get rid of the cats and let me send ya some birds!!!

  3. better move back to Alaska!!
    we are finally getting some snow after it being cold (but not as cold as WI).


  4. That's COLD! We had -9 on this side of the state.

  5. My van thermometor thing said -30 when I was driving to work this am. Lost of folks not here tdy because their vehicles wouldn't start or had breaks freeze up, ect...

  6. Imagine having 6 cats, and the old one can only eat canned food now! Whatever happened to hunting and eating mice? Then again, I haven't seen a single mouse or sign of a mouse since we got here...

    Didn't you research and find out that parts of MN and WI get colder than Alaska? Silly Aunt Krissy! Maybe you should have moved to Georgia! The lowest we've had so far is 6F.

  7. Oh Krissy, that's really COLD... we've gone from -22 º to +27º right now with rain forecast for the next two days... wait 15 minutes here and the weather will change... you remember that! ;o)

  8. Doesn't it feel like home Krissy?

    Sometimes I think your cold temps. during the winter are way colder than Anchorage. Did you know this could happen before you moved to Wisconsin?

    Poor's just bread and water for them.