Sunday, February 13, 2011

How can it be?

This evening when I went to take care of the chickens, I noticed that we are having a Chinook. How can that be in the middle of Wisconsin? It transported me back to Alaska when we have Chinooks there, and how they fill you with hope that spring is on it's way. I know up in Alaska right now it's a wee bit cold again, but soon the Chinooks will happen, and you will get that happy happy joy joy feeling.

I'm sure that they have another name for Chinooks here, probably " Oh hey, we are having a warm windy day"


  1. Sorry Krissy, we never call it a Chinook here in Wisconsin. Actually, I don't think we really have a name for the windy conditions tonight....this doesn't happen very often in the month of February. Hey, maybe this is the beginning of a seasonal change for us.....SPRING!!!

  2. I'll take a warm windy day by whatever name it gets called, but I am partial to Chinooks.