Sunday, February 20, 2011

I forgot

I feel that I don't have much to say lately. Really, I have a boring life right now. It's work and school. Work is fine, school is fine. I do have to say that online school is harder then going to a class room style of school. It's a lot more work. More reading. more testing and more papers to write. I am surprised that I'm getting good grades on my papers as writing is not a really big skill I have, oh I can write, just not in a proper manor, lots of goofs (As you all should know if you have read this blog) I still get my too and to mixed up sometimes. I have all those little tricks to help remind me when to use what to/too but sometimes they don't really help. (For me)

But what I forgot to tell you was that on Thursday I was an hour late for work! At 4.30pm I went to start my truck and she wouldn't start, I tried for an hour and then gave up, called my friend T.J, and asked him if he could come over and take a look, and if it still wouldn't start to give me a ride to work? He did, it didn't, so he gave me a ride to and from work. Very nice of him. Later that night, before I went to bed, I tried the truck one more time. She started right up, and I have not had a problem since then. Who knows what was wrong?

Mom and Dad? I have been trying to reach you for a few days but your cell phone goes right to voice mail. Call me? No, I'm not asking for money! Just want to chat.


  1. Krissy, what on earth is going on in Wisconsin? Are ALL the teachers "sick"?

    Off to Sunday School then my babies. Lisa's "fella" is here for a week. He wanted to experience Alaska in the winter = so far we have had winter!

    As far as the truck goes - maybe it just thought you needed some TJ time :))


  2. Nonsense Krissy! Your posts are always fun and interesting. Hey, lets hear about the lovely kitty cats....maybe a picture or two!

  3. I've been feeling a bit of the bloggy blues too.

    I wonder what was up with your truck. Whatever it was, hope it was fluke and is nothing that needs fixing.

  4. You do lead a boring life. Sorry, but that's the truth. Library by day, reading books in the evening with a little Netflix added in for fun.....and studying for school. I know you're out in the country...don't they have pie socials, square dancing, barn raisings and the like?

  5. It's a real hootenanny out here in the country.

  6. Fuel line froze up? I've had that happen. Then later, it fires right up!