Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whats for breakfast?

I should have taken a picture, but it's too late now. It's in my tummy and making noise! Hum, maybe not a good thing to eat for breakfast.

Last night I made pork chops with lots of onions and green peppers, fresh garlic, and seasoned it with cumin, chili powder and of course salt and pepper. When it was on my plate I then added some hot sauce (Thanks CVPH!) and some other hot sauce (I like me some hot sauce) and then a dollop of sour cream.

I had left overs this morning. I have never been one for the traditional breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I eat eggs and spam/bacon/sausage a lot, fried or scrambled with all kinds of goodies inside, but sometimes? Just the though of eating ONE more double d dang egg makes me gag.


  1. Yummy (and rumbly) in your tumbly. I know the feeling...kind of like too many bananas or too much moose. Can I please just have chicken?

  2. Save up your eggs and make Angel Food Cake instead!

    I don't eat eggs very often myself.

  3. and we don't want you gagging!!
    sounds yummy except for the hot sauce.


  4. Sounds good. Tonite is my spicy Thai stir fry! I can't wait. Using a healthy helping of Aji Limon peppers in it.

  5. You just reactivated the stomach flu I thought I was getting over!!

  6. Ha...ha..your using the double "D".