Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day!!

Looks like the Almond Ricotta Pie won! That's the one I wanted to make. I also want to make the Pineapple pie, and I shall, just not today. Maybe I will make that one for book club that meets this Thursday.

This week in spring break so I have no school work to do! Yippee Skippy, but already I don't know what to do with all this free time. I will be dog watching again for a few days for my friend T.J. so I guess I will take the dog for a walk. That will take care of an hour or so. What else to do?

I will figure something out, if all else fails, I can always nap!


  1. Yeah....can't wait to taste that almond pie.

    You could always make some fun reading?

  2. Uhhh how about refinishing some of that furniture I sent home with you??!!

  3. That pie sounds really good. I wish I was there to taste it, I mean gobble it all up. I've got lots of projects, fly home and help me out!

  4. You could make more soap, lay around and read and go out for lunch with your time off.

    I hope you will put pics up on the Almond Ricotta pie!

  5. How did the pie turn out?

    You can always come over and we'll drool over seed catalogs.. I'll even make you lunch.