Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Pie

I'm not sure what is up with blogger but the pictures I try to load keep loading upside down! It's making me dizzy. These two loaded the right way so that's what you get. Noop, I'm no PW as I did NOT take 50 pictures of making the pie. No shots of the ingredients, no shots of butter being beaten in the bowl.

This pie was just okay, not great, if your going to spend time making a pie, you want a great pie, not an okay pie. I think some of what I did not like was the texture as it was grainy with the ricotta cheese. It's flavor was like cheese cake but the texture was not creamy smooth. Also I did not care for having a pie crust on both top and bottom but as pie crust go, it was a good pie crust. More of a tart/shortbread crust.

At one point I was a little worried as is said to smooth the top of the filling so that it was level, well when I poured the filling in the shell, there was no need to smooth! It was very runny and I was then worried that it would not set up, but it did, but then having a runny filling made it very hard to put on the top pie crust as it wanted to sink into the filling.

Long stoy short, whould I make it again? No, I would make a cheese cake over this.


  1. It looks good even if it isn't as good as you wanted. yummmm

  2. I kinda wondered what sort of texture you'd get with ricotta..

  3. Maybe there's a way to dress this up better? And maybe a different brand of ricotta would be better too?

  4. Yeah, make a cheesecake next time and send it to me!!! No blueberries, though. Vile little things.

    Anyway, it looks good, but I can understand the ricotta texture thing. I don't even like it in lasagna too much.

  5. That pie does look good. I think I would like having the crust on top as well as the bottom. It's too bad it didn't turn out as delicious as you were hoping for.