Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

  1. Warmer temperatures! It's going to be in the high 50's tomorrow and today in the high 40's.
  2. It's really muddy outside.
  3. It rained yesterday, better rain then snow.
  4. One of my hens is becoming broody. I had to move her to get to the egg, she was one mad hen! She carried on for about five minutes. Now I know where madder then a wet hen comes from (Not that she was wet, but I can see just how mad a wet hen could be)
  5. And the really big sign that it's spring? One hour and two razors later, I am now shorts and sleeveless shirt ready! ( I know, maybe a TMI thing)


  1. is that flower in your header from your yard? Then it's definately spring in your area! Two hours? Wow, that's a lot of hair or a hard time getting to those spots!

  2. Squash plant from your garden?? Wx here like spring/summer - supposed to be close to 80 today!!
    Hope weekend is good as hauling Taylor & TJ (her bay roan-the 6 yr old) to Cheyenne for their 1st ASHA competition.

  3. @ Pak Art, that was also making the toes pretty.

  4. woohoo!! Spring!! think we have a long way to go. but, I did get the 2 inches of ice off our sidewalk yesterday! thats a start.

    Glad I dont have to worry about wearing shorts anytime soon :-)


  5. I am so looking forward to green outside...when I see that, then I'll know spring is here for sure. Like your blog changes.

  6. I'm excied too! and man is it muddy here!

  7. I will not pop your bubble and tell you it was 81 degrees here today. Ooops! Well, it was in the upper 40s just last week.