Thursday, March 17, 2011

Library people

A most of you know, I work at a small public library. I have been there for over two years now and we have some "regulars" that come in that are a little bit "odd' I don't know their names as they don't check out books, they just come in to use the computers.

1. Top Knot Lady - She has long hair and wears it in a top knot, hence the name. She is a flake. She wears very dark (black) sunglasses and only comes to the library at night time. Also wears a fake fur coat and white vinyl plastic boots that have a fake fur ruff on them. She sometimes will engage in conversation. Just a few nights ago she told me that she has a weak immune system and was there a flu going around? I told her yes there was, she then asked me what is the flu and what are the systems of a flu. I told her and she then went on to tell me again about her weak system.

2. Talkie boy - He's new. And he talks, a lot. He will engage you until you just have to walk away form him. I try and avoid eye contact with him. The very fist day he came in I heard all about how he ended up here, his online girlfriend that is no more, he car problems, his apartment problems and his money problems.

3. Lips - He's a young man that is a bum and always has a sulky, pouty look about him. He flops in the chair, spreads his legs and then looks at YouTube music, we sometimes have to to tell him to shhhhhh! as he sings out loud, and it's rap with all the bad words!

4. The mumbler - He's a young kid, I don't mind him so much other then he mumbles really bad, and he's a soft talker. That is not good for me as I'm hard of hearing. I kind of feel for him, he's about 11 or 12 and he gets Nancy Drew books and other girl type books. He also has a sparkley heart key chain. I think that he's going to have a hard time at school when he gets into high school.

But you know what? I love my job! My co-workers and I get some laughs out of our patrons but just so you know, if you're a regular at a library, you might have a nick name too!


  1. Funny Kris! There sure are a lot of characters who use the library :)

  2. I bet your co-workers all know exactly who you are talking about. I wonder what the librarians up here used to call you? Goat Lady? (always looking at how to raise goat books) Sad and Single (as you browsed the Alaska Men magazines) or maybe Drooly. Don't know why I came up with Drooly, it just sounded funny to me. ha ha ha

  3. What nothing on the unibomber? Library folks are fun to watch no doubt.

  4. I got a good laugh, but keep thinking you forgot someone! The Unibomber...we just call him "D" now Kellie. He's a really cool guy.

    Hey, you forgot "heavy breather" guy!

  5. Maybe you need a sign that says, "Speak up please. I am hard of hearing". Or a button.