Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Trip

On Sunday I (we) went to the Twin Cities. We being Shy Guy and I. The King Tut exhibit was going on. I did bring my camera but they were not allowed so I didn't get to take any photos. It was a neat experience. I have always liked Egyptian history and seeing all that "real" stuff was great. I saw jars that at one time held King Tuts guts! His bed that still had the woven reeds that he slept on.

The one big draw back was that it was jam packed! They only allowed so many people in at a time, but then in 30 minutes they would let in another group of people in. You just can't rush though this stuff. You need to stop and look and read the information and admire it. Well, I did. I think I got felt up a few times from strangers! And there were men that were wearing way waayyyy to much cologne and woman with to much perfume on, and we can't forget the babies crying!

This place also had the Children's museum so we did a little bit of that too. I really had fun there. I like playing with stuff. They had things about hydraulics and gears that I got to play with. I guess I still have a lot of kid in me.


  1. You are a kid at heart. That's a good way to be. You don't want to be all grown up and fussy in your old age.

  2. Love the new spring background! Glad you had fun. We got the Terracotta Warriors display here in Sydney, if ever there is something to see it would be that. I have to go see it this weekend!!