Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy Busy

My mom is here. She came down from Alaska on Saturday June 4th (With my Aunt Donna) and goes back to Alaska on June 11. My Aunt Donna leaves today, she just lives over in the Twin Cities.

It's been lots of fun with them here. They spend money on me! But that's not why it's fun. It's just great to have time together.

While they have been here the temp got up to 100! My mom went to the cool basement as my A/C does not work. I'm calling the A/C repair man to come by and get that fixed. TJ took a look at it and says that the mice have chewed up lots and lots of wires. Bad bad mice!

Today the high is 83. Much cooler.


  1. I wish I was there too, although I could do without the 100 degree temps. It would be fun to hang with A Donna and mommy.

  2. Have a great visit Krissy, it's always fun with the family comes over!

    PS Sent you an email to your soap address


  3. Happy Birthday dear Krissy! glad your mom is there to share it with you. Also, Happy Birthday to Alecia!


  4. If is funny how much cooler 83 deg can feel compared to 100. Hope you had a nice Birthday :)

  5. Happy birthday Krissy! Hope you had a great day with your mom.