Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not good

Yesterday Mom, Aunt Donna and I left the house at noon to go visit some relatives. TJ came home at 1pm. Between that one house a fox came and had fresh chicken dinner!

I went from having 12 hens and two roosters too having four hens and one rooster. TJ saw the fox grab one of the hens and watched it take her off into the woods. Bad fox! He is now in hunting mode.

Might have to get more hens as I'm not sure that four will be enough.


  1. Oh no, that's not good Krissy! It might be time to get a guard dog. Just a thought....


  2. Well~ that bites! I hope you're able to trap the fox out of there and transplant him somewhere else before he does anymore damage. My Mom has a coyote that's been snooping around her coop that we need to get rid of.

  3. wow.. that was quite the chicken dinner!!
    bummer.. but, I agree 4 chickens isnt enough! watch the cats when they are out and about!

  4. What is the deal with your chickens disappearing? Are your chickens free range now or do you keep them in a pen?

  5. Oy! Might be time to consider a livestock guardian dog. It's best to get them 3-5 months of age and raise them up with their flock. We're considering it quite a bit if, IF, we manage to buy the farm we're looking at. We're in the negotiation process right now. (Then we'll be getting chickens again! And goats! And turkeys! And guineas to eat the ticks here! And, and, and!)