Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Garden

I have nice garden now. It's so nice that I have to weed just so it looks as good as the fence!

TJ built the fence to keep the chickens out as they loved digging out all the worms and they knocked over the plants. Now we don't have that many chickens and we keep them penned up it the large goat pen.

We (TJ did the planting) planted tomatoes, potatoes, beets, peppers, carrots, peas
squashes, cucumbers, pumpkins and a watermelon.

I will need to start hilling the potatoes soon. More work but when all said and done, it will be nice to have all the yummy veggies to eat.


  1. Your garden is wonderful Krissy!

    I love the white picket fence. Wish I had one around my whole place.

    Can't wait for some of your delicious beats!

  2. Oh my! You need to keep that man! Love the fence.

  3. A white picket fence!! how cool. That's great.. you'll enjoy all that fresh stuff! I agree with Patty.. keep him around!

  4. Nice! I've always wanted a garden in a picket fence.

  5. love the white picket fence. Your TJ is a keeper I think :)

  6. I love the fence! I wanted to put a white picket fence around the yard here, but no such luck! I won't need one if we buy the farm as it's already fenced!

    We see the farm tomorrow! With any luck, chickens and goats by the end of summer!

  7. Who is TJ? Nice looking garden and fence.

  8. very nice Krissy. So much work involved!! Good thing TJ did it!


  9. I love the fence Krissy. High five to TJ for buildiing the fence....what a guy!