Monday, June 27, 2011

My Weekend

This is the icky door that needed to be replaced

This is the door out

This is the new door

This is the new door that is all trimmed out. Well almost, TJ still needs to do some "stuff" to the bottom part of the door.

We (and I do mean we) started the project at about 9am on Saturday morning. My job was to take off the trim and also remove the tile that butted up at the door. TJ did the other stuff. Then we carted off the old door to the garage/shop as we are going to keep the window parts of the door.

While TJ framed in for the new door and that was a lot of framing as the new door was about 6 inches smaller then the old door, I made lunch, did a dump run, and worked in the garden.

When it was framed in, we put in the new door, which was heavy! I was surprised at how heavy it was. TJ had to move the glass around so that it would open the right way. That's when he said " Oh, maybe I could had taken these out in the shop so it was not so heavy to move"

That would have been nice as my arms still are a little tender from moving the door.

Sunday was me putting the tile back in, staining the trim and TJ did all the other stuff and put it all back together.

I really really like my door. I love it, I hug it and I kiss it.

P.S. Maybe TJ got a hug and a kiss too for all the work that he did.


  1. Wow, you had to do a lot of physical labor. It's good for you. The new door really looks nice!

  2. Very nice!

  3. Love the new door Kris! You and TJ did a GREAT job :)

  4. Nice! The new door looks good. It was nice you both worked together on the project.

  5. Looks really nice Krissy. A big thank you to Tom!!!