Friday, July 15, 2011

About time I posted!

Here are the chicks, they are nine days old in this pic. They are starting to really chow down on the food. In about 3 more weeks we will start to let them go outside. We have not lost a chick yet so we are still at 32 chicks. The dark one's name is Lucky as he/she will not got to freezer camp.

The garden is really taking off! Zucchini's are starting to show. I have about 1000 that are about 2 inches and I'm sure in a few days they will be baseball bat size.

Pumpkin patch. It's starting to spread into the row that we planned on planting more radishes but with the warm weather we are going to put off planting more of them and just let the pumpkin plant go where it wants to. (Within reason)

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  1. Peeps! I heart the peeps! And I'm jealous that you have a garden. *sigh*