Monday, July 18, 2011

Big Brother rant.

When I first moved here to Wisconsin I got in the mail from the township that I lived in, that I needed to let the township know how many dogs that I had. I ignored it, tossed that in the trash and then when taxes rolled around, they added five dollars to my taxes as they found out that I had a dog.

The next two years I paid my five bucks for having a dog. This year, when the card came in the mail, I tossed that in the trash as Abby had died and I no longer have a dog.

On Saturday, a man drives up to my house, gets out and Maggie, T.J.'s dog, starts to bark. This man, without telling me who he was, started to ask, who's dog? How long has the dog been here? How long will the dog be here? Was there any other dogs? I was kind of surprised but said that the dog has been here for about a month and then T.J. says that the dog was his and that he lives in Anyplace WI.

The guy kind of smirked and started to leave, and that's when I asked him who he was. That's when he told me that he worked for the Township that I live in and was taking the dog survey.

Remember, I live way rural, I don't live in, or near any towns, I'm really bugged that on a late Saturday afternoon, some stranger, who does not identify himself, was out asking questions about what and how many dogs lived here.

I know, five bucks is not much, but it's the principle of it. Really, a dog tax? What next? A chicken tax?


  1. Oh.... I would be soooo irritated with that.

    This kind of thing will continue as long as people grumble and accept it. Laws of almost any kind can be changed through due process, all it takes is one person with courage to stand up say "Enough!" and start the process for change...

  2. where is the representation for the tax? what services do they provide for that tax?

  3. The "Saturday inspector" should walk up to you with his identification in hand and at the same time the "inspector" should be verbally informing you who he is and what he is doing... if a person does not do that... do not answer any questions and ask them to immediately leave your property...

    Today I would write and/or call the county clerk or whatever office this fellow says he was working out of... and I would be sure and explain how I expected the "inspector" to approach me and my neighbors in the future... No one can learn how to do things correctly and appropriately if there's no one to do the teaching and explaining...

  4. I would be very irritated too!

  5. also, nice new headder pic :)

  6. Well, I've been paying pet tax for years.....tha's how it is.

    Nice header pic.

  7. I think I'm lucky as Roxanne's bark is enough to persuade people to leave my door alone. The fact that Copper sounds like he's three times her size (and is really 3x smaller!) helps matters greatly.

    I agree that you should complain that the surveyor did not have id on him/wearing id/something like that because it should be readily visible. A linesman for the electric company has to wear proper identification at all times, especially when dealing with the public, for public safety. Same should be said of this surveyor, or how can you confirm he's really a surveyor and not some jackwagon out casing houses?