Monday, July 25, 2011

Country Jam!

A few weeks ago, T.J. and I were talking about how it would be nice to go to Country Jam, but the tickets were out of our price range. I said that I might be able to hook us up with some free tickets, would that work? Yes, that would work! So I asked a friend of mine in my book club, whose hubby has something to do with media/concerts and she was able to get me two free tickets!

So on Saturday, T.J. and I went to County Jam! The main band that we wanted to see was Zac Brown. He was going to start at 9pm. We got there at about 5pm to pick our spot and to people watch and listen to some of the other bands.

Well, it started to rain, I mean it poured! We did not have any rain gear, or anything to keep us dry. While T.J. went to find a beer, some guy walking by took pity on me and gave me a cheapo rain poncho. I put it on and stayed damp. We did think about going to seek shelter at a booth but they were jammed full of people already so we just stayed put. No bands played in the down pour so we had about an hour of just sitting in the rain. The weather caused some problems with other bands so at 6.30pm they said that Zac Brown was going to start early. He cam on at about 7.30pm. By that time, it stopped raining. T.J. took of his t-shirt and twisted all the water out.

It's very had to use the porta potties when your pants are wet! Very had to pull them down, and then pull them up. I was the designator driver so I didn't have to do that very often!

Even with the rain, I'm really glad that we were able to go. Zac Brown was/is a great singer and put on a good concert. And, you can't beat people watching!

Here's a clip of Zac Brown.


  1. I just watched/listened to the clip. They are good. Glad you got to hear them even if you were soaking wet. Fun times. btw - I just finished Little Bee so now we can talk.

  2. We were wondering if you guys got wet. We sure did!

  3. Glad I didn't go....I wouldn't like the wet or the crowds. But sounds like you have fun despite those things.

  4. Good thing you are not made of spun sugar Krissy! Glad you two had fun, and a free concert, whoo hoo!