Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My view point

I don't think that I have ever really posted about current events regarding politics and such. But there has been a little blip in the news about something that has been eating away at me and I have to say something about it.

Read the story here. This is just one of the few news articles about this eight year old boy that was hanged over in Afghanistan.

What is really bothering me is this. Remember a while back there was that preacher here in the states that was going to burn the Koran? And how there was a world outcry about how wrong that was? And there were American Muslims here in America that protested this, along with other Americans that protested the burning of the Koran.

Where are those people now? Why is there not a world outcry about the Taliban hanging a eight year old boy? Where are those American Muslims? Where are all those people that thought that it was so wrong to burn the Koran? Is burning the Koran so much worse then hanging a eight year old boy?

Why are they not protesting this?


  1. When bad deeds happen in the US we are shocked and outraged, but when they happen overseas we are numb and it's easier to not pay attention. He's not the only little boy killed for their cause, there are so many innocents killed that it all runs together. Shouldn't be that way, but I think that's what happens. It's too much and how can any one person here help protect that little boy? We can't, so we pretend it doesn't happen. I too was sickened by that news article and then I got back to work and thought about accounts payable. Too easy to put bad news on the back burner. There will be justice in the end and that child will be vindicated, and his murderers punished.

  2. Cuz right now we've got the looney in Norway, Amy whasserface, and the NFL to worry about.


  3. I know what you mean. At the moment, there's a school in I think it's Toronto, that's giving Muslim students the gym every day so they can have their prayer time. Uhhhh wasn't prayer banned in schools a long time ago? The Christian, Jewish and Hindu coalitions are in an uproar (rightly so). They want this stopped. The school refuses because it's the Muslim's right to prayer. Uhhh...hmmm what happened to our right to prayer.

    Don't get me started.