Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's that time of the year

It's back to school time! Yea! Hip Hip Hooray! NOT! I'm not feeling the excitement this semester. I think that the newness is wearing off. This is my 3rd semester and it's not what I want to do, but I will put my big girl panties on and do it, and maybe I will only whine a little bit.

Last semester I had five online classes which was a lot of computer time, I wanted to take all online classes again as it really helped save on the gas, but I have to say, I was not really wanting to spend that much time in front of my computer.

This semester only three of my classes that I needed to take were available on line. So I have

Speech online
Economics online
Into to Sociology online
and then I have to go to a real classroom for my Software Skills for Business Management.

Last semester I had 15 credits, this semester it's only 11 credits.

I think that going to a classroom will be good as I will get out of the house a little bit more for something other then work, which was what it was like last semester.


  1. school. yuck. you should post more updated pics of've got a bunch now and the little freezer camp guys are probably not all cute and fuzzy anymore.

  2. how does one do speech online? Congrats on signing up again, Krissy...

  3. That will be a nice change to have one traditional class. It is hard to be on the computer all the time.