Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worst day of the year.

Okay, that's really a big fat lie but school started yesterday for me. I have three online classes and one class that I go to a real classroom. So far, it's not bad, it's just that at my age I would rather do all kinds of other things then school. Like nap, watch TV or read a book. Not sit in front of a computer for hours and hours on end. The one class is going to be a touchy feel class, so not what I like. Good thing that it's online so there wont be any hugs in real time! But we are to talk about emotions. I like my emotions bottled up just fine!

TJ and I think that we will send the meat birds to freezer camp this coming weekend. We were thinking September 10th, but we are down to the last bag of feed, and they are getting big. So, do we want to wait one more week, buy another bag of feed and wait till the 10th? Or when this bag is done, do them in then?


  1. I'm hearing you on the school thing. It does seem like at this stage in life you've earned the right to do your own thing and not be tied to a computer or class. Keep them emotions bottled up - that's good for you! Put's hair on your chest!

  2. For me sitting infront of the computer would be too much like work.. yuck..

    I agree! Smother those emotions!

    Say when on the chickens..

    I've had the worst time commenting on your blog.. and i can't at all on pams?? what's up with this again....

  3. I'm trying my blog through Firefox so hopefully I can comment like normal.

    My friend Joan said you should try dipping your chickens in boiling water to pluck the feathers. Dry plucking will take you forever....just Joan's advice.

  4. Feed them up good for their last week before freezer camp.

  5. I hope you decided to do them in. I don't think I'll ever raise meat-bred birds because of their health issues. I think I'll raise dual-purpose and send the boys off to freezer camp.