Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I thinned the zucchini plants the other day as they aren't putting out new fruit. Now I see why! Two of these big boys were on one plant. They were on the back side of the plant that's hard for me to get to and also under some big leafs. I measured them. Over 18 in for all three! The big ones will go feed the chickens.

Here's Maggie. TJ is working out of town and is home on the weekends. Maggie misses him. I mean, I do in a pinch, but it TJ that she wants.


  1. Are you saving the extra squash for our pigs? If you want to bring them to work I can have them picked up?? or you could actually come over and visit some :)

  2. 3 of 4 recent posts contained pictures of vegetables....get a life. More chickens, dogs, cats, TJ, Kris, etc.

  3. Seems like there is never a lack of summer squash :)

  4. Wow, those are big zucchini. I'm sure the chickens will be happy to munch on the veggies.