Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's starting!

I kid you not. On Saturday there were no ripe tomatoes in the garden. On Monday I went to out to pick some peas and I saw this cluster of roma's that were ready to be picked and some other kind of tomato. Today I'm going to have a turkey/bacon/tomato sandwich for lunch.

Oh, the bacon story. On Sunday, T.J. and I went for a Sunday drive and when we went through a small town we saw that a store was selling 10lbs of bacon for $12. We bought some. It's some of the best meaty bacon I have ever had. It's irregular sliced, that's why it was on sell. So far, I have not seen anything wrong with it.

1 comment:

  1. yummy!! Salsa!!! we are getting some ripe romas finally too. I'm thinking BLT's too. we have lots of cherry tomatoes.. love them.

    your peas look great. I picked 3 last night. gave one to Bill, one to Piper and 1 to Willow. I didnt get one :-(... but, I just picked what I saw through the fence. maybe tonite I'll find more.

    Fall is approaching quickly!

    enjoy .