Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wow! Been a long time

Update. We replaced the hens that Foxy Loxy got a few months ago. We replaced them with 10 brown hens. At the Farmers Market I overheard a guy telling someone that he wants to get rid of some of his layers as he had to many (He had 25) I butted in and said I am looking for 10. We talked and the next day he came by the house and delivered 10 pullets. They should start laying soon. They have always been a in a hen house, never outside. After two days of them sticking inside, T.J. went and made them all go out. They like it! Now they can do all those fun chicken things.Here are the meat birds. Noticed I called them meat birds? They are empty pits. They want to eat all the time. We feed them twice a day. They also have a nice big run that is a inside/outside deal. They also get to to their chicken thing. So far the chickens are walking good. For what I understand is that they can get heavy really fast and their legs wont support them. We don't want that. They can still hop/run/skip and waddle.

They will be going to freezer camp in about three more weeks. Fried chicken anyone?

P.S. If anyone would have told me that I would have 46 chickens I would have said right back "Never! I'm not some crazy chicken lady!" Call me the crazy chicken lady.


  1. Yay more eggs. Get you fill meat boys, there's no return from Freezer Camp.

  2. crazy crazy cluck cluck!


  3. Chicken lady, chicken lady, chicken lady!!!!!!


  4. I still miss having chickens. However, knowing about the health issues meat birds face, I have already decided to only raise duel purpose birds for meat. Chickens that can't walk just don't sound appetizing.