Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Work!

At the Farmers Market there is the cheese lady, who also happens to sell peaches that she gets from her family that lives in Michigan. The peaches were 27 bucks for 25lbs so I bought 25lbs of peaches. Had to let them sit for a few days to ripen, then we fresh peaches for a few days and when the following Saturday rolled around we canned peaches.

We got 21 pint jars of peaches. I canned them in a light (not sugar free, just not a heavy syrup)

syrup. They are really good. It looks nice to go to the pantry and see jars of summer time sunshine. They will be nice come winter when it's cold outside and you need a reminder of summer.

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  1. wow.. that will be nice this winter! very nice! you are giving your canner a work out this year! so,how much do you pay for a case of pint jars down there? This summer they were $8.99/case in Kenai.