Friday, September 23, 2011

And another project

The shop/garage is about 100 ft from the house. There used to be power out to it but when I bought this place there was none. Moles? Gofers? Who knows why but it was gone. Well, enter in T.J. When he saw/found out that that I had power cords hooked together going from the house to the garage and that I was tripping the breakers all the time ( This was in the winter so I could heat the chicken coop and also keep their water from freezing) and that the plow guy would rip up my snow covered cords. He said that we needed to do something about it.

On one of his off days T.J. went and got a trencher and then laid some kind of pipe and also he put in some water type hose/pipe . All he has to do now is snake the wires and do the new panel and I will have power out in the shop. Lucky me his brother is a electrical contractor and T.J. works for him sometimes so he knows how to do all of this. His brother will come out when T.J. is doing the final stuff to just make sure.
My part? Was to put all the dirt back into the hole that the trencher made. That was a lot of dirt that I moved. T.J. also put a trench to the garden so that now we can have water out there without having to have water hoses snaked all around the house. That will be nice when I mow.


  1. TJ appears to be handy to have around.

  2. Yay for men who can DO things! And for chickens not freezing in the winter!

  3. very nice!! we need to get power run out to our shed for lights, but thats down the road. Bill ran power out to the greenhouse tho..
    good job TJ!