Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh Yes I Can!

This is the truck that T.J. is driving right now. He's able to bring it home so that saves gas money for him. On Sunday, after the football game ( Yes, I now watch football! I have seen more football in two weeks that I have seen in my lifetime!) He asked me if I wanted to take her for a spin, I said "I sure do!" He let me drive it all the way up the driveway. I did pop the clutch the very first time, but he said it was his fault. He still had the gear in high gear and not in low gear.

I did really well going forward, no problem with shifting gears, backward? Not so well. I would get to the end of the driveway, then try and back it up back to the house and by midway of the driveway I would have the truck jacked knifed. Then I would pull forward and try and again. T.J. then would take over and back it up to the house and then I would go forward to the end again. It was a blast!

We talked about how I should get my CDL so we could team drive. I told him that I would do all the forward driving and he could do all the backward stuff. he said no, it doesn't work like that. Guess we won't be team driving anytime so.


  1. I'm like you ~ give me forward and I'm doing okay; but driving backwards ... the brain to wheel command just doesn't engage. I can't back up anything!

  2. That's a great pic! It looks so big in your driveway. There are 3 ladies at my work with CDL's so I know that women CAN do it. You just got to learn. You love driving, that would be an awesome job for you. You could get a little dog to keep you company although it might be hard to park one of them things in a rest stop so the dog can go potty.

  3. I can't even back up our little trailer behind the lawn tractor. My hubby is a tractor trailer driver and it amazes me how he just backs that thing like I drive forward.


  5. I understand about the backing up stuff. I cant back up our snowmachine trailer. I have a tough time with the little one that goes behind the 4 wheeler!

    looks like fun!