Thursday, December 22, 2011

Been a long time!

We went up to AK for a little trip. Was only there for eight days. Not really long enough time to see and do all that you want. But we tried and we did pack a lot of stuff in to our short time.

The above pic is of TJ and I. We are up at Petersville where my sister and her husband have a cabin. We were there for two days having fun in the snow. There was five feet plus of snow up there.

This pic is down towards Homer. On Monday, Dec 12th we drove to Kenai and visited a friend and stayed with them overnight and then the next day we went to Homer. In Homer we walked the docks, went to the Salty Dawg and while there I looked for my old dollar bill, was not able to find it so TJ and I signed a new one and put that up on the wall. That's a tradition that you do at this bar. Lots of money on the wall at this bar!


  1. Krissy!! It was so great to see you for a short time.. and to meet TJ. glad you had a beautiful day to see Homer. and all that snow!! lucky. we had rain last week, so a lot of ours melted again. we are hoping to get up to our cabin for new years. Bill talked to his boss and he said he could have the weekend off!!
    merry christmas to you!


  2. So happy that you and TJ got to go visit your old stompin' grounds.

    Merry Christmas!!! Probably see ya next Thursday when I stop by for some books.

  3. Glad you had fun being back in AK and showing TJ off to the family and friends :)

  4. We had fun with you both! I think the whole family would agree TJ is a keeper. I just got the pics - I thought he took more, still enjoyed them. I'm going to see if I can crop the one with you and I on the porch and post to my blog. I hate the one with me on the futon!!!!! Let's accidently delete that one!

  5. Love the pic of you & TJ on snowmachines!! Pics made me "homesick" for AK !!!