Friday, December 23, 2011

More about our Alaska trip

This one the trail heading out, going back to the parking lot where the truck is parked at.

While we were in Homer, we walked the docks and I saw that the Time Bandit was tied up. The Time Bandit is one of the boats that fish in the TV show called "Deadliest Catch" I have only seen parts of the show. I used to live in Dutch harbor AK where the show is filmed at. One of the library partons is a big (BIG) fan of the show and thinks that being that I lived there I must know all the fisherman on the boats so he will come in and ask me questions about them. I have told him several times, the show was after when I lived there, don't know them, don't want to know them!

While up in AK I wanted to make sure that TJ saw some moose. This one passed right in front of us while we were in Kenai.

Up at the cabin my brother in law Tim has gotten it so that birds will come to you and land on your finger looking for food. This is TJ feeding one of them.


  1. So sorry we did not get together while you were here. I would like to have met TJ. I think of you everyday when I look out of the office window! :)
    I am having trouble with blogger not accepting my comments so I hope this one takes.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!


  2. Very cool experiences. Must have taken a lot of patience for the birds to be so friendly, very cool!

  3. I like the new look to your blog!

    I'm really glad you had fun on your first offical vacation.

  4. Ditto on new look on blog

  5. Hi Krissy,

    Glad to hear you were able to get back to Alaska for a trip and see your family. I love the pictures, especially of the moose!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas