Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Day Fun

For Christmas TJ and I spent the day at his Family's house. Yep, I met his side of the family. I did meet his family in November when we went to his nephews wedding but the family was busy with wedding things. His family is very nice. They all welcomed me. And then we got a invite to go to his 2nd cousins house for New Years Eve Day fun.

They had some friends that had horses and set up some wagon rides. If there had been snow then it would have been sleigh rides. This was my first time for a wagon ride. It was fun and it made me very grateful that I was not born a pioneer women that traveled west in/on a covered wagon. Talk about a bone shaker!
This is me standing in front of the horses. (Duh)

TJ and I waiting for everyone else to load up. The horses were very gentle and patient.

We had a great time. About 20 family members showed up and next door neighbors and we all brought dishes to share. There was good food and good times. The 2nd cousin also had a big bon- fire going and later on that evening we sat around that and just talked.

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera so all the pics are what his sister took and sent to me. Thanks MJ!


  1. Krissy!! glad you had a good time...
    if you were a pioneer woman,you'd also be wearing a skirt on that wagon ride!! no thanks.

    weird not to see snow on New Years??


  2. How fun!!! You need some of Valdez & Cordova's snow sent to you!! Cora said it's been bad in Dutch Harbor, too. Oh yah - about time you updated your blog!!! NNN

  3. Love the pic up top!!